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Get More Use Out of Your Phone System

In private homes, landline phones are becoming rarer and rarer as more people rely on their cell phones. But in business, your landline phone system is still extremely important. You depend on that phone system to connect with your customers, vendors, and business associates. That's why you need to get as much use out of your system as you can. I have worked as a secretary and a telephone operator, and I can tell you how to get the most out of your business phone set-up. I started this blog because I know that there are businesses out there that can benefit from my experience. Check out my blog posts to learn more about how you can maximize your phone system.


Three Reasons You Should Consider Switching Your Business To A Cloud-Based Network

As a business owner, you want to run your company's network in the most efficient way possible. Two common options for housing important information are a cloud and a data center. The cloud is an off-site storage system that stores information off-site. Usually, a third party company hosts your company's information. A data center is typically an on-site system that houses information on an internal network. Many companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to house their information. Read More 

Benefits Of Opting For A VOIP Phone System For Your Business

If you are needing to choose a new phone system for your enterprise, you should make sure that you consider the option of using a VOIP phone system. These systems can provide businesses with a number of benefits that can make it easier for employees to be as productive as possible while they are on the clock. If you have not considered upgrading to a VOIP phone system, you should review the major ways that these systems can be superior to more traditional phone systems. Read More 

Benefits Of IP Security Cameras And A Good Computer Network

Internet availability and faster home computers have lead to amazing breakthroughs in the way most industries work. The security and surveillance products of the world are no different, as cameras have been able to create new business platforms, additional security features, and high-quality art forms all from the same system. Here are a few ways to expand the use of Internet Protocol (IP) security cameras. How Are IP Cameras Different? Read More 

Own A Small Business? 4 Strategies To Keep Your Customers Coming Back

It's not easy being a small business owner, especially when you're competing with bigger fish. Sometimes, it can feel downright impossible. If you're feeling discouraged about the success of your business, remember one thing; it's all about customer service. Quality customer service is something that can be lost on the bigger businesses. To make your small business as successful as it can be, you need to focus on customer service. Here are four strategies you can use to get customers in, and keep them coming back. Read More 

Four Reasons to Purchase Company Cell Phones

If your employees need to be on call -- or simply accessible for a chat -- then you may want to consider the purchase of company cellphones. Though most employees have their mobile phones with them at all times, a company cellphone can provide better accountability and superior security. Here are some of the major advantages to purchasing company phones instead of having employees rely on their personal devices. You Can Improve Upon Your Security Read More