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Get More Use Out of Your Phone System

In private homes, landline phones are becoming rarer and rarer as more people rely on their cell phones. But in business, your landline phone system is still extremely important. You depend on that phone system to connect with your customers, vendors, and business associates. That's why you need to get as much use out of your system as you can. I have worked as a secretary and a telephone operator, and I can tell you how to get the most out of your business phone set-up. I started this blog because I know that there are businesses out there that can benefit from my experience. Check out my blog posts to learn more about how you can maximize your phone system.


Four Reasons to Purchase Company Cell Phones

If your employees need to be on call -- or simply accessible for a chat -- then you may want to consider the purchase of company cellphones. Though most employees have their mobile phones with them at all times, a company cellphone can provide better accountability and superior security. Here are some of the major advantages to purchasing company phones instead of having employees rely on their personal devices.

You Can Improve Upon Your Security

Many people complete business work on their personal phones -- and this is a huge security risk. Not everyone has a secured mobile phone; some people don't even have them password protected. A single lost phone with client information on it could prove to be disastrous for your business. Ensuring that your employees use your own mobile phones will improve security in two ways: you can control the security on the devices and they won't introduce any personal apps or materials that could be a security risk.

You Can Simplify Your Expense Tracking 

Rather than having to pay your employee's phone bills or separate out costs, you can simply pay for the mobile phones that are provided by your business. Otherwise you might end up having to track reimbursement reports, minutes, text messages, data overages, and other issues related to personal cell phone use for company time.

You Can Standardize Your Technology

No IT professional wants to track down mobile device management for dozens of different types of phone and operating system. By using a single type of mobile phone throughout your business, you can simplify your technology management -- and therefore reduce your expenses. Standardizing technology means employees can use the same apps, connect to the same systems, and be trained to use the same end user device.

You Can Improve Upon Responsiveness

Employees will know that when their work phone rings, they have to answer. Furthermore, their work phones at their office can be used to forward calls directly to their work phones, so they are always available. Having responsive and communicative employees can make all the difference, especially in situations where an employee or a colleague needs an answer now.

Purchasing phones for your company doesn't have to be expensive. Once you've decided on a type of phone, you can always look into used cell phone sales rather than new ones -- this gives you access to technology without having to pay a hefty price.