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Get More Use Out of Your Phone System

In private homes, landline phones are becoming rarer and rarer as more people rely on their cell phones. But in business, your landline phone system is still extremely important. You depend on that phone system to connect with your customers, vendors, and business associates. That's why you need to get as much use out of your system as you can. I have worked as a secretary and a telephone operator, and I can tell you how to get the most out of your business phone set-up. I started this blog because I know that there are businesses out there that can benefit from my experience. Check out my blog posts to learn more about how you can maximize your phone system.


Benefits Of Opting For A VOIP Phone System For Your Business

If you are needing to choose a new phone system for your enterprise, you should make sure that you consider the option of using a VOIP phone system. These systems can provide businesses with a number of benefits that can make it easier for employees to be as productive as possible while they are on the clock. If you have not considered upgrading to a VOIP phone system, you should review the major ways that these systems can be superior to more traditional phone systems.

Enhanced Features

A VOIP phone system can provide your business with a number of benefits over traditional phone systems, and one of the more important benefits will be that these systems have a broader range of features and benefits. For example, it is common for VOIP phone systems to also incorporate video conferencing, individual voicemail accounts and easy to program menu options. A traditional phone system that incorporates these features will be far more expensive, and this can prove to be prohibitive to startups and small businesses. However, opting for a VOIP system will allow you to enjoy these benefits for a fraction of the cost of a more traditional system.

Easily Record Incoming And Outgoing Calls

Depending on the nature of the calls that your business will be receiving and making, it may be beneficial to record these conversations for both training and legal purposes. However, it can be very cumbersome to outfit a recording system to a traditional phone system. VOIP systems can often be configured to automatically record the calls that are made through them. Furthermore, these systems will frequently use cloud storage so that you can avoid the need to store these recordings onsite.

Reduced Need For Interior Wiring

Depending on the number of phone lines that you will need, it can be possible for you to need to add a large number of wires to the building. This can represent a major expense for your business, and it can require several days for contractors to complete the installation of these wires. VOIP systems will avoid this as they will utilize an internet connection to make and receive phone calls. As a result, it may be possible to utilize your existing networking infrastructure for these systems. In situations where this is not possible, you can opt for a secured wireless network to allow these systems to be installed while still avoiding the need for installing many new wires throughout the building.