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Get More Use Out of Your Phone System

In private homes, landline phones are becoming rarer and rarer as more people rely on their cell phones. But in business, your landline phone system is still extremely important. You depend on that phone system to connect with your customers, vendors, and business associates. That's why you need to get as much use out of your system as you can. I have worked as a secretary and a telephone operator, and I can tell you how to get the most out of your business phone set-up. I started this blog because I know that there are businesses out there that can benefit from my experience. Check out my blog posts to learn more about how you can maximize your phone system.


Three Reasons You Should Consider Switching Your Business To A Cloud-Based Network

As a business owner, you want to run your company's network in the most efficient way possible. Two common options for housing important information are a cloud and a data center.

The cloud is an off-site storage system that stores information off-site. Usually, a third party company hosts your company's information. A data center is typically an on-site system that houses information on an internal network. Many companies are increasingly turning to the cloud to house their information. Check out a few reasons you should consider switching your business to a cloud-based network:

1. Cloud Computing Gives Your Company's Network an Extra Layer of Security Against Natural Disaster

If you house your data using a network physically located on the premises of your company's property, this makes you vulnerable to natural disasters. For example, if a hurricane comes through and brings severe flooding to your area, this can damage the servers and equipment that you use to host your business's data.

It is also common for roads to be impassable for days or weeks after a natural disaster. Since you have to connect to your business's internal network to access the info, this means that your employees will not be able to work until it is safe to return to your company's physical location.

2. You Can Outsource Running and Setting Up Your Cloud-Based Network So That Your Company Can Focus on What It Does Best

As a business owner, you know that resources are limited. To run an on-site data center, you will need to hire an IT department. This adds a whole separate section to your company that you have to worry about managing.

Instead, focus your resources on the employees who contribute to the operation and growth of your company and outsource your technical tasks. A company that specializes in setting up cloud-based computing can handle both the implementation and monitoring of the network. The company will also handle the tasks associated with making sure that the network is secure from anyone trying to gain unauthorized access.

3. Employees Can Access the Cloud from Any Location

One of the top benefits of a cloud-based network is that it permits your employees to connect to the network from any site where they have internet access. This is a huge plus if you have employees who want the option to work from home or if you have team members who regularly travel for their positions. They can access the information they need without having to make the trek back to the office.

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